Philip Morehead

Author of The New International Dictionary of Music

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Hoyle's Rules of Games

Links to games sites

The Penguin Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form

Quotations — Interesting Reference Books

The New American Webster
Handy College Dictionary

New 4th Edition just released.

Essay on Etymologies

(probably written by Salvatore Ramondino, Waldemar von Zedtwitz,
and Albert H. Morehead
for a proposed, never published, college dictionary
commissioned by Simon & Schuster in the 1950s)

The New American Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

New 3rd Edition just released.

The New International Dictionary of Music

Out of print — can be purchased used from, or from

Glossary of Opera Terms
in Four Languages

A 60-page cross-indexed glossary of terms used in the opera house by singers, conductors, and coaches

Prepared by Philip Morehead, Head of Music Staff at Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the late Donna Brunsma, noted vocal coach and accompanist

With assistance from Richard Boldrey and others too numerous to mention
Updated regularly

Available either in a spiral-bound volume for $15.00 postpaid

or by email as a printable pdf file for $5.00